Nienke Ruijs

Amsterdam School of Economics, University of Amsterdam, TIER, Valckenierstraat 65-67, 1018 XE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



This article elaborates whether the presence of special needs students in regular schools affect the academic achievement of their classmates. The researcher examines this question in the context of primary and secondary education in the Nether- lands, where the per student budget for special needs students in regular schools is roughly twice the amount of the regular student budget. The researcher uses three independent identification approaches: student fixed effects models, school fixed effects models, and neighborhood variation. For both education levels and all three identification approaches, the estimates indicate that special needs students do not have a statistically significant effect on the academic achievement of their classmates. The estimates are precise enough to rule out even modest effects.

The effort to integrate students with special needs with normal students in regular school can be a breakthrough in education field. It teaches equality among the students. Conducting such innovation is not easy. The teacher and the school facility should accommodate the learning needs.

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A Teacher, Trainer, Researcher, and Consultant on Education and ELT Field. Also, a Translator and Interpreter (Eng-Ind, Eng-Javanese, Ind-Javanese, Vice versa)
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  1. ZahraHan says:

    Hello Lizam,
    Your topic is very interesting. Inclusive education is very popular recently. The idea that all children have the same right to be educated has encouraged all elements of education to implement inclucsive school.
    however, I found that your reiew is not in line with your title. you should give more explanation about how special need students do not give effect on their classmates achievements.
    Zahrotun Hanifah

  2. Hi Mr. Lizam. Your topic is so interesting. Furthermore, from this article review, I just realize that students’ with a special need can be taught in the same class of the normal students without affecting their achievement. However, what do you think about the students with special needs’ psychology, will it affect their psychology that will related to their motivation in learning ? I do afraid that they will not have a good motivation if we teach them in the same class. Anyway, thankyou for sharing 🙂

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