Analysis of Educational Needs Assessment Methodology of Children with Special Educational Needs in Bulgaria

Venelin Terziev*

University of Agribusiness and Rural Development Bulgaria, 4000 Plovdiv, 78, Dunav Bul.


This journal article explains the finding of the integration of children with special educational needs in Bulgarian school and society. The modern contemporary educational and social model used for identification and the subsequent processes of intervention and development are discussed. An analysis is made of a performed research of the assessment methodology of these educational needs in Bulgaria.

The methodology has a role to determine whether a student categorized as special needs or normal student. It uses CEAT (Comprehensive Educational Assessment Teams) conducted by the government as the instrument, and the result of this test is still believed as a valid result.

Though it has been implemented nationally, there are some disadvantages of this assessment method. First, CEAT professional capacity needs good and suitable qualification as the committee. Second, the committee does not have minimum and maximum participant limitation of an assessment batch.

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