by: Ahmad Lizamuddin

In 2013, a friend asked me to buy an Android base smartphone. He said that we really need it as our facility nowadays. We can connect to internet and social media easily. Although I was that interested, however I bought this one with my limited budget and have not regretted it since. Why?

In the past, I used to think that having a smartphone means I must provide more money for internet quota instead of regular credits. I often used it to connect me with friends who are far away so that I could feel them very close. I could join some groups based on my previous education institution it was nice.

Time by time, I start thinking to combine this trend of technology advancement with learning activity. Then, I have implemented this idea to support my learning activity since in the middle of 2013. It is very helpful. Why?

Realizing my limited IT skill, I cannot implement advance program such as moodle, etc to facilitate my ambition to combine between technology advancement and learning activity. Therefore, I use some free social media application such as Facebook, Line, Black Berry Messenger, and Whatssapp which are very easy to operate. With miscellaneous features, those help me a lot.

How to conduct? It is a piece of cake. I only create some groups based on classes containing my students of each class. In the group, my students and I discuss each other. I can share the materials. Then, they also can ask questions relating class materials. Even, they can submit their assignments here. It is very nice. I do not need to bring home my students’ papers every day which weight more than 4 kg.


After finishing class term, I always ask my students to evaluate my class. And the result “ they are quite happy with my breakthrough.”

Here I can conclude that I do not “need” to master IT skill until advance level. Only with limited ability, an innovation on learning activity can be initiated. So, “ not the Gun capacity is the most important but the man behind the gun is.”


Note: Make sure that your cellphone has good specification min. memory 1 GB if you do not want to get trouble on your cell phone device (HP Rusak) hikssss


About ahmadlizam

A Teacher, Trainer, Researcher, and Consultant on Education and ELT Field. Also, a Translator and Interpreter (Eng-Ind, Eng-Javanese, Ind-Javanese, Vice versa)
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