Never Late to Start Learning

“A, B, C, D, E,….” Heard clearly by me when I was entering camp for women and children in Bayeun, Aceh. My purpose visiting here was to conduct my students for getting prepared to study in School for Refugees Dompet Dhuafa. I was surprised when hearing the voice. I got approach to the voice source. Then I found mama Nur Jahan, 60 years old reading her note of Alphabet. Nur jahan is one of our students in School for Refugees DD. Because of her old age we call her mama.

Mama has big spirit to study in SFR. Although she is the oldest student, she never feels nervous to study. She has had problem with her vision because of her age. That Every small thing she sees is unclear. That is why she needs a teacher to accompany during learning process.

Teaching her is rather more challenging than the younger students. Patience is the most important provision for teaching. Although she must repeat for many times to know a letter, she never gives up that easily. This big spirit boosters the teacher in order to give all efforts totally.

Mama Nur Jahan’s effort for learning alphabet teaches us a very valuable lesson. It tends to tease young generation that almost never studies hard. Of course, it has proven that “never late to start learning” is a special booster to remind us for learning many things. Never feel ashamed to learn although you have been old.

About ahmadlizam

I'm from menco, wedung, demak.... I like something new and challenging.....
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