“Malaysia No, School Yes, but Police boxing-boxing”

Nur Begom, SFR DD 2015

Her name is nur begom. She is 19 years old. She is one of students of school for refugees Dompet Dhuafa 2015. She is one of Rohingyanese refugees, Myanmar.

In school, nur is one of best students. She is a highly motivated woman. With all effort she learns all materials given. At the beginning she could not read at all. Now, her improvement can be seen very well.

“Malaysia No, School Yes, but Police boxing-boxing”. Said, nur with her English.

Yes, in Birem, Bayeaun, Refugee Camp, some of them choose to escape to Malaysia as their choice. This country is assumed by refugees as heaven where they can live with prosperity. Some of people from this ethnic live successfully there. They do not escape by themselves. Of course, many agents (read. human trafficker) try to persuade them to succeed. The escapees of refugees must pay an amount of money to the agents.

This uncomfortable condition of camp environment is also caused by safety issues. nur’s statement is not only accusation without any proof. The security members often act violence to refugees. Even, some of women become the victims of sexual harassment. Besides that, their imam was also the victim of violence done by security members of the camp. It was responded by refugees for attacking security members of the camp.

Two causes above are not absolute reasons why they prefer leaving than staying. Nur’s story is one of evidence that women refugees also need education. Nelson mandela said “education is the strongest weapon to change the world”. So, let’s educate them..

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