By: Ahmad Lizamuddin*

teacher picture“Kemudian daripada itu untuk membentuk suatu Pemerintah Negara Indonesia yang melindungi segenap bangsa Indonesia dan seluruh tumpah darah Indonesia dan untuk memajukan kesejahteraan umum, mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa, dan ikut melaksanakan ketertiban dunia yang berdasarkan kemerdekaan, perdamaian abadi dan keadilan sosial,,,so on.” (Read. Subsequently thereto, to form a government of the State of Indonesia which protect all the people of Indonesia and the entire homeland of Indonesia and to promote the general welfare, the intellectual life of the nation, and participate in the establishment of world order based on freedom, abiding peace and social justice).

Some people say when asked their reasons for becoming teachers that what they do is as material transferor. The others also say that this profession can lead them to be state employee. Often found that they must choose this profession because they do not have other choices. So, they just teach everyday as routine. What an ironic condition, isn’t it?

Responding the condition, I envision myself to give my contribution in education. What I want to do is only to conduct a change.  Reminding such kind of teacher that teaching is an honor profession is also my concern. It is suitable with one of the constitution values that explain clearly this nation should provide education for people. Therefore, through devoting myself in education can mean as first step of thousand steps to build this country. Finally, with this big dream I have no doubt to determine my career as a teacher.

To achieve the dream, many teachers have shown their capability in teaching in our nation history. Their contributions are still felt until today. One of them is ki hajar dewantara. He showed a wonderful method in teaching with Taman Siswa as the institution founded. So, he was called as a great teacher on his period which has different condition and situation from nowadays. I live in 21st century. For me, there are two skills must be mastered. They are hitech and hitouch.

This century has great development of technology. Many sophisticated devices have been created nowadays. With this advance, I feel so passionate to use technology implemented in education, especially in learning activity. I already have applied this method since the beginning of my professional teaching career in 2007. Drastically, the result shows that a learning process with technology implemented can have better result than the one without implementing technology in classroom. It is not a fake reality that I make. This result is suitable with education technology researchers get. My undergraduate thesis also supports with the result scientifically. I conducted a research relating the implementation of computer software technology on language learning. So, it is a research based on CALL. In short, the result states that implementing technology (CALL) can facilitate language learning to achieve better outcome.

Because of the aforementioned fact, the impact of technology development can be felt by many people. Many changes in social life culture in this country can be seen. One of them, with the phenomenon of information technology development they are drowned to be more independent. So, they are able to do what they want without caring the others’ perception. Shortly, they tend to be egoist because of those facilities.   Gazing nowadays’ condition, as a person who has an important role in forming the human resources of this country, I do not want to let my students lost the local wisdom of this nation. They must be on the right way to pass their lives because not only egoism acted by people but also moral decadence can easily be found. Hence, I usually provide some extra time for my students. I call it “office hour”; a schedule used by some professors of universities in developed country like the United States to let their students have consultation. They can feel free to meet me during the schedule or anytime with appointment. I use this chance optimally to help them. Most of them consult their difficulties on understanding my materials in classroom. Sometime, they consult their morality problems in daily life to me. Therefore, I make this chance to guide them on the right way maximally. Finally, I can guide them to be good generation indirectly.

In conclusion, the two things explained; learning innovation and affection are very urgent in this century. The development of technology should be used to facilitate teaching learning activity to achieve better result. Then, to accompany the development of technology, teacher affection is needed here. It aims to guide the students to the right way. With the guidance, hopefully, students can find their character as real Indonesians. So, this process can help this nation to shape its future with the character of this beloved country.

*the writer is an instructor of Center for International Language Development (CILAD) UNISSULA. He is also a student of Sekolah Guru Indonesia batch V Dompet Dhuafa.

an opinion for the Jakarta post. unfortunately, it’s not published

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  1. pulungers says:

    Kita yang harus mewujudkanya mas brooowwww.. 🙂
    Semangaaattt seeee 😀

  2. ahmadlizam says:

    bu puput,, terimaksih sdh disukai…

  3. Lisa says:

    Just try, and try and try again…Tulisannya bagus kok, mungkin saat itu udah banyak opininya.. Positive thinking aja… 🙂

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