By: Ahmad Lizamuddin

nick vujicic(Born on March 14, 1987) so called pak edi is an employee with a physical limitation of Beastudi Indonesia, one of the Bumi Pengembangan Insani network Agencies-affiliated with a reputable amil zakat institution, Dompet Dhuafa. This second child of five siblings was born in a small village namely Tanggung Harjo, Grobogan district, Grobogan, Central Java.

He has a family background with prestigious reputation in neighborhood. His grandfather of his father’s family was regarded as the “Founding Father” of the village. However, it did not guarantee the prosperity of his family life. His grandfather had seven children. All of them could achieve education up to college except pak edi’s father. This condition could be likened to a rich man whose property would not end till seventh generation. Unfortunately, his father was the eighth. Heheheh. So, because of this problem, the father had a strong determination so that all children could get a higher education up to college level. Yes, due to the determination finally pak edi could step on his feet to college. Determination in the language of the Qur’an is called as “azam”. It contains in sura Alimron verse 159 stating that “Faidza ‘azamta fatawakkal ala allah, innaallaha yuhibbul mutawakkilin”. Azamta here is fi’lun madli which means that was done happened. Resignation is as “final touch” after working hard accompanied with prayer in order to achieve the desired goals. Well, these are surefire combination of action should be taken for this life.

Having a simple family background did not cause his academic achievement simple too. He was known as one who had a reputable achievement for academic performance. One proof was that when he graduated from high school, he was accepted by two prestigious universities through PMDK which could only be passed by few people with very good academic achievements. The two universities are UNS and UGM. Two well-known names always become a favorite choice for all students to continue their education.

However, pak edi preferred establishing his choice to study law at the Faculty of Law, University of Gajah Mada. Over the course of time, he surprisingly lost his intention to study law. He implemented his study half-heartedly because he found his passion to indulge in activities that were community-based. What he chose was not just the whims which could change at any time. One of proofs of seriousness to pursue community development was the establishment of a recital forum for bank employees throughout jogja. Other evidence was the existence of productive activities in the Gunung Kidul with farmers’ empowerment program.

Amid of his study at UGM, precisely in his second year, he and his friend got a motorcycle accident. He suffered severe injuries which resulted in a broken right arm with severed nerve problem. So, it could not function as it should normally till today. He was very upset about the situation that he considered this as the worst nightmare. Moreover, that time was semester exam schedule. For about a week he was really down. When he could close his eyes to sleep, he often wished not to wake up again in the next day. But, his family, friends, professors, and best friends gave relentless motivation to stay strong and to go on with his life. Someday, he realized the wisdom of the events that happened to him. For instance, one of the professors gave the semester final exam score results stating he passed all courses taken without attending the exam. Here was the starting point where his heart was shocked at the moment to determine beliefs for being able to live as well as possible. He had assumed that if he gave up, there was no difference between him and the handicapped beggars in the street that showed sad facial expressions depending on people’s concern. What A very disconcerting condition to see?

The two things that most can strive himself up were his family and God’s clear promise; “Fa inna ma’al ‘usriyusraa. Inna ma’al ‘usriyusraa “.

All scholars agree on the interpretation of the two aforementioned verses states that this verse begins with huruh fa (fa-inna ma’al ‘usri yusran) to indicate a link between the two conditions, namely the emergence of difficulty and the arrival of ease. Used Al before the word in a sentence Usri (fa-inna ma’al ‘usri yusran) gives a special meaning, i.e. all sorts of trouble that leads to goodness, not difficulty to carry out immoral. For instances, difficulties in the form of poverty, weakness, betrayal, tragedy and anything relating to common difficulties to encounter in daily life.

Certainly any kind of difficulty can be overcome, as long as people who are facing these difficulties have a strong spirit and focus to find a solution. Using our effort to struggle as total as possible, then pray and implement resignation to God Almighty is a must.

In short these two verses teach that when every single of difficulties, we must be sure that there will be a settlement. There will be a way out. This belief is a valuable energy to be able to resolve any issues. Spirit of optimism will be born by wit and wisdom. This conception is similar to proverb that reads “out cloudy, then come a bright light”. Therefore, Allah swt confirmed by repeated phrase, “Verily with difficulty there must be some ease. And indeed with hardship comes ease. ”

The Repetition is intended that we be absolutely sure that in facing adversity, we would be able to find a solution as long as we have a strong soul, hard thinking, earnest and maximum effort, as well as praying to Allah swt at the same time.

He found a precious turning point where he could erect gazing this life. So, he had been ready to sail on seas of life to reach the jetty of dreams.

After writing part of pak edi’s life journey, I immediately remember two great people who have physical limitations but they can manage to reach their ideals of success. The first man is Nicholas James Vujicic (born December 4, 1982) is a church speaker, a motivator and the director of a nonprofit organization LIfe Without Limbs. Born without limbs due to being impaired by rare Tetra-Amelia. Vujicic must have lived with difficulties and hardships throughout his childhood. And the other one is Irma Suyanti, a successful entrepreneur with legs paralyzed by polio from Kebumen, Central Java. Although she was accompanied by her husband who is also disabled, they can still be successful to reach their dream.

Hem,, my thought is a little bit of “overkill” to compare Mr. Edi with Nick Vujicic or Irma Suyanti who have limited physical disabilities. However, each has proven to be able to achieve their own dream. One thing can be memorized as their similarity is that a sense of spirit and hard work on life circumstances. “The limitation is not a barrier to work and creativity” said the young visionary man originating from Grobogan.

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