A Shia Islamic boarding school in a small hamlet of Sampang, Madura was attacked and set ablaze by unidentified group of people. This incident happened in 2011.

The same incident also happened in 2006 when a group of people attacked this education institution with no police stopping the action. Learning from the previous experience, the principal reported to police officers when early the attacking rumor spread. In fact, they did nothing on the D day, when the perpetrators were attacking the school. They were the same people who attacked this school in 2006. They included both local villagers and people from outside.

This conflict was the repetition of the previous one in 2006. It had some steps before this incident happened. All of these institution members, from students to principal, received threats and intimidation almost every day since 2006 attack. The perpetrators even ever threatened to kill members of this education institution. Then, the attack really happened. The unidentified group of people attacked and set ablaze a compound of school building brutally.

Fortunately, there were no victims in this incident. All of the 155 students and three teachers had been managed to shelter in one of student’s houses since the attacking rumor spread. However, they could not stay too long in one place, because they have been threatened and intimidated by the perpetrators. In addition, the perpetrators threatened to attack and even kill everybody who helped the institution members. So, they had to move soon to saver place.

This kind of conflict, involving two groups of Islamic branches, was not the first time in the world. The same conflict ever happened in other countries like Iran, Iraq, etc. the sensitive reason causing conflict always involves religious issue, mainly these two Islam branches. As known where Sunni followers are the most populous in the world while Shia is as the minority. In short, the unbalance number of followers will probably always stimulate to the conflict although it’s not always true.

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