Every day we often hear that people preach us saying that eastern culture must be preserved and practiced in our daily life. They often say that the values of the east are much better than those of the west.

Many arguments convey that western culture is corrupted with indecency, pornography, and too much permissiveness. Then we all realize that all things porn are dangerous for our life. Any cultural phenomenon heading toward to pornography can never be allowed.  Even, government and all elements of society must be aware of this danger.

In fact, eastern culture now is only part of trending issue in daily life. We all obliged to practice and fill every single step to do with the virtuous values of eastern culture. Decency, wisdom, and social consideration are only trend that must prevail.

Before going to deeper exploration of eastern culture, let’s ask ourselves,, what is really eastern culture and its values? To get more significant understanding, let’s talk about Indonesian culture and its values applied in this country that is claimed as one of eastern culture countries.

When talking about eastern culture or common principles applied in Indonesia, we are really talking about decency norms of how people wear their clothes that are too revealing. But, let’s take a look some practices that are common in this country like, corruption and violence. Is it fine to say that they have become a part of our culture, part of our norms?

Again let’s look at what happen in schools… there are a lot of students who cheat. It all starts from here. No need to mention government institution where the corruption is so rampant.

For violence, we often hear news about it daily in television. It usually happen when people protest, they often act anarchism. It always happens in the end of the protest when no one listens to them. In addition, they are easily stirred up and engaged in violence.

Although some people neglect those two cases are not parts of Indonesian culture, in fact they cannot deny those are widely spread in this country. We easily find the practices in all aspects of life.

Therefore, to solve these problems, we cannot only depend on our eastern culture norms and systems merely. We need to adopt a way that comes from other culture part in the world; western culture. In this case is law enforcement. We all realize that Indonesia still lacks it. It can be seen in the realty when a corruptor who steals a large scale, may get two months in jail. Meanwhile, a poor person who steals mangos or watermelon out of starvation will get longer duration in jail. Different views are shown in western countries where law has its supreme.

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