}Tell the news!!!
A.Simple past
B.Past continues
C.Adjective and adverb
}A. Simple Past
}To express actions in the past time.


(+) S+tobe(was/were)+…..

(-) S+tobe(was/were)+not…

(?) tobe(was/were)+S+…?


(+) S+V2+….

(-) S+did+not+Vinf+…

(?) Did+S+Vinf+…?


– John went to spain last year.

– I was at your house last night.

}B. Past Continues
}To express an action at specific time in the past.


(+) S+tobe(was/were)+Ving+…

(-) S+tobe(was/were)+not+Ving+…

(?) tobe+S+Ving+…?


– Henry was watching tv at midnight last night.

}C. Adjective and adverb

àmodifies noun


àmodifies verb


}Beautiful, handsome, good, bright, etc.
}Beautifully, well, brightly, etc.

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