Let’s Explain !!

•Cause and Effect
•Passive voice
Ò* Cause and Effect expressions

– Because, since, as.

e.g: the police arrested him (because/since/as) he broke into a bank.

– Owing to, due to.

e.g: – owing to his intelligence, he passed the exam.

– Due to the bad weather, they didn’t go to Washington DC last week.

ÒOther ways to express cause and effect
ÒThe cause of…… is……
Ò….. (tobe) + caused by/ is due to…..
ÒThanks to…..

e.g: – the cause of global warming is pollution.

– global warming (is caused/due to) by pollution.

– thanks to his hard work, he passed the exam.

ÒDue to
ÒBecause of
ÒOwing to
ÒThanks to

e.g: – Because of his laziness, hi didn’t pass the exam.

– Thanks to her beauty, she attracted the attention of all men.



– Because/since/as/for they are in love, they get married.

Ò* Passive voice (kalimat pasif)
Òpeople in Indonesia speak Bahasa Indonesia.
ÒBahasa Indonesia isspoken by people in Indonesia. (+)
ÒAdam writes a letter.
ÒA letter is made by Adam. (+)
ÒA letter is not made by Adam. (-)
ÒFormula of passive voice

(+) Subject + tobe (appropriate) + V3 (Past participle) (+ by object duer)

(-) Subject + tobe (appropriate) + not + V3 (Past participle) (+ by object duer)

(?) tobe (appropriate) + Subject + V3 (Past participle) (+ by object duer) ?

Ò* Assignments:
a.Explain why Indonesia is left behind by other Asian countries!
b.Explain why natural disasters happen recently!

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