My promise

Being an English teacher is my future career aspiration. It is supported by my education background as a student of English education department. I also love English so much. In my opinion being a teacher is noble profession. When teachers teach their students, it means the teachers transfer the knowledge to their students. And finally students who do not understand all the materials taught, they can understand after they are taught by the teachers. So that why we call teachers as “Heroes of knowledge”. Moreover I can be motivated the condition of my village that has low education quality. It is rarely found people who study in university. Beside that, in the future I have deep and high motivation to teach in my village. Because schools in my village have no teacher who was graduated from the field, English education. Therefore, I study in English education department now. I want to build the education aspect in my village. By becoming a professional teacher, I hope that I can improve the students’ education quality of the schools in my village to be better.

For this time, I have to do preparations to reach my plan for becoming a good English teacher. I always study hard to prepare my skill in academic. Then, my IELSP experience is very useful to reach my career in the future to be a good professional English teacher.

In addition, Relating to my hope about my IELSP my experience, I believe that this program will give me different experiences. I  gathered with many students who had different cultures. So, we shared each other about our own cultures. Beside that, I  got more experiences in my English study, because I learned it from people who speak English as their first language. In my conclusion, this program gave me uncountable and valuable experiences especially for my English skill.    


About ahmadlizam

I'm from menco, wedung, demak.... I like something new and challenging.....
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