Many reasons which make people to decide for marriage. for instances, love, background, achivement, etc are some reasons for people to get marriage with their own couple. But,now days, I see many spouses get marriage because of “Money” as the main reason. It is based on the circumstances that change to be material era. Even, an old inhandsome  man who is rich, can have a young beautiful woman. It is not rare anymore that many women sacrifice for their unwanted life with their husband without love. it is so painful.

In my opinion, choosing a spouse is not like buying some fruit in the market where the quality is known in the short time. There are many causes which can make a couple love each other. One example, some women want to get married with old guys because of sincere love. Otherwise, she loves him just because the old guy has a lot of money.  Besides those characteristics, for me, there are two main characteristics which lead me to get married.

First, I must love her very much. At first glance, it is very simple. In fact, it is very important to have a love feeling toward someone. Loving each other is the basic thing in order for a couple to be able to live happily. It is impossible that people get married without love. They will always get pressure in their daily life. It used to occur a long time ago in traditional ways when parents marry their children with their choices and they do not love each other. Then, in the middle of their lives, they got divorced. Avoiding this problem, I do not want to marry a girl that I do not love.

Second, the girl whom I love has to have a similar background with me. The similarity of background is also very important. A couple will not be able to live together because they have different backgrounds. For example, a guy who graduates from an undergraduate university should marry with a girl who has same education background. It is impossible thing if they have different level of education background. Certainly, there will be no same understanding between them in all aspects. Even, it affects the way of thinking in daily life. So, I am going to get married with a girl with a similar background in order that my wife and I will have similar ways of thinking.

In conclusion, I am looking for a future spouse who I love and who has a similar background as me.  Those are very urgent that determine a happy marriage. So, I hope that I will live with my new family happily everlastingly.

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I'm from menco, wedung, demak.... I like something new and challenging.....
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  1. cah ganteng says:

    The main reason for marriage is worship. Not Love nor background. Do you know why?!
    In Islam, human life should be used for worship. One of the worship that is married. A household is the reward of land. If we marry, we can share knowledge with a partner, able to control emotions, teaching kindness to the couple, do sholat in congregation, educate children in Islamically and others.

    • ahmadlizam says:

      so, u just tend to worship?? what about u’way for choosing u’spouse?? only worship?? come on, be realistic !!! open u’mind,,,,, ok!! it is imposible, isn’t it??

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