My Deaf and Blind Government

Blind caused by money

What do you comprehend after reading the title? Yes, it reflects to our country condition now. There are so many problems of all aspects in this country. Most of them are caused by government policy that never tends to society’s side. Many protest are actualized by people to defy this condition. Street occupation was as an alternative way to do it. They really protest for this country problem. For instance, corruption, it’s one of the biggest problem of this country, must be cleared. Then other problem faced, like injustice law enforcement, which is not in proper way. They have done what they can do, but there is no significant improvement, made by the government. Their efforts were just ignored by government. In my opinion, there are two main problems that must be solved.

First, it’s about people responds to this problem. It’s not strange anymore when university students and society walk together on streets to protest this bad condition. It’s very common to be found this circumstance in all parts of this country. It doesn’t mean that they want to break this country. They just want to show their anger about the government’s policy. They have been disappointed with the government works to control this country on the right way. They just prioritize their needs with all ways they want, including corruption, they did. So that, the society is getting bored with this condition. Their responds are expressed by protest on street. Sometime, it’s combined with anarchy action. They fight with police that try keeping them. It is very ironic. Even, one of the society actions, which was done by a Tri sakti university student, namely, Sondang, burned himself in the protest. Then finally, he died. It was very tragic action. But, what the government do now is very useless. There is no significant improvement of our country’s condition. The people just want to care about this country. They love it very much. So, they do what they can do to make this condition better.

Second, it’s about law enforcement. At a glance, it’s very good action, taken by government. The power of law has its position as a controller of an action made by people. It will have good impact to country circumstance. It will create a calm atmosphere to this country because every single action, people do, will get the consequence. But, now what happen is not suitable with the noble purpose of the law enforcement itself.  It’s only regulated for civil society that is weak. Many things prove this ironic condition. For instance, people will be prisoned because of stealing invaluable things. It happens in many parts of in Indonesia where someone become a suspect for stealing 2 watermelons were judged in court seriously. Then, a grandmother who stole 3  kapok fuits was judged in the court. It was very ironic. It will be very different from a group of people who have authority power in this country. For instance, a member of house representatives who has suspected because of corruption milliard rupiah never gets the consequence. He still can do what he wants. He is not prisoned by the law. Sometime, there is one of them sent to prison but only for a short moment. The suspect of corruption only gets a couple of months to be prisoned. It’s not’s clear that the corruptors become the main cause of this crisis of this country. But, the consequence is not equal to the bad impacts, they made. So, based on this ironic condition, hoped the government can take a real action for this injustice. A significant betterment of this country is waited by the people.  Although the society already feel tired with this condition.

In conclusion, what has been explained above is the real condition of our country. It’s hoped real action from the government to solve the two main problems. The people have pressed the government to do real action to face these circumstances. But, what we feel now is like a stagnant condition. If in a couple moments tomorrow there is no a significant betterment, it will be concluded that we have “deaf and blind government”. So, do not blame, if someday people with their unity gather and walk on street protest to take control on this country such as 1998 tragedy.

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