Abraham Lincoln on “my view”

Hearing the name, he is one of the greatest presidents in the world. he has big contribution of ending the slavery. the change comes afterwards. there are still other contributions which are very important for civilization changes.

For me, when i heard about lincoln, directly i remembered his big spirit of his life. it was shown from his formal education. he only studied for about one year because of poverty. but, he did not give up in the circumstances. he tried reading many books as media for his self education. then, he grew to become a lawyer. it was wonderful.

Besides that, i love his effort of his career in the US politic. he did not reach his dream easily. he had to feel many failures of his efforts. in 1832, he started his career on politic. he was 23  years old at the time. he had to fail twice to become an Illinois state legislator. afterwards, he continued his career as a one term member of the United States House of representatives, but he failed in two attempts at a seat in the United States Senate. then, finally, he could be successful to reach his dream as a president of the United States.

In conclusion, abraham lincoln teaches me in order to have big spirit to reach a dream. failure is not the end of everything. it teaches me in order not to give up easily.


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