Why I personally support the death penalty for murderers

“Life must be paid by life”. This quote looks scary when we heard it. Nowadays, many people are still debating about the action of the death penalty. For me, it must be done to keep societies safe. It must be acted because it is morally and beneficially effective to prevent crimes.

My first reason to keep death penalty is that it is a big mistake for people who kill others morally. Basically, people have their own rights to live in the world. They have no rights to cut the rights of lives. So, it can provide a safer environment for us. How many times has something like this appeared in a national television show or newspapers about a recently captured killer walks free from death because he planned the whole murder plot purposely in a state where capital punishment do not exist? I bet many of us have either heard of it or seen it before. Many killers plan their plots ahead of time, because they know even if they get caught by the policeman they are not going to be faced with a death penalty. It is simply due to the fact that many states in the America have not yet legalized capital punishment. As sad as it is, it is even more depressing that though we operate in democracy, one of the finest government? We still have holes in our system. When the killers are captured in the states without death penalty, the highest type of sentence they can be punished with is a life in prison. Are they really done causing harm in our society? One who is a killer will always be a killer and even if they are in prison their next target could be the inmates or the guards. What is the difference between one life sentence and two to the prisoners, when an average human is only going to live no more than one hundred year? One of the many reason for a killer for returning to murder again is recidivism.

Then, my second reason to sustain the death penalty is that it can drive a country to safe condition. People will act wisely in everything. After that, people will be able to think many times before they act to face their problems to someone. So, this punishment has many positive points that should be considered when it comes to legalizing the death penalty. One of them is, according to the many articles about the Death Penalty, it is believed that the death penalty can prevent murders in the future, because if murderers are sentenced to death penalty and executed, potentially, criminals will realize that they will suffer the same consequences and therefore, they will not murder anyone. In addition, they will not be brave to act like what they want after knowing the consequence. So, it can decrease murder average even stop the murder cases. Then, people can live peacefully.

In conclusion, supporting to death penalty means that people realize about the consequences of their action. “Life is Choice.” The death penalty can decrease crime actions. It is morally and beneficially effective for country safety. By implementing the death penalty, people will realize how to respect each other about the rights of life.

So, what kind of penalty do you recommend for “Xenia tragedy” now days???

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